Sunday, 20 June 2010

Days where nothing happens. . .

The title says it all really - how can someone be awake for twelve hours and yet do absolutely nothing?

I wake to the sound of Mother berating Sister for being in the bathroom. This does not shock me - as my bedroom is directly opposite the bathroom, I am often awoken by people shouting at other people for being in the bathroom. Sister leaves the bathroom and Mother and Sister visit Art Exhibition, run by bouncy Friend's mother.
I get up, shower and dress then go downstairs and make Father a cup of coffee and give it him, along with a biscuit and a Fathers' Day card. He drinks the coffee and we make polite conversation whilst I have a cup of tea and toast. Then he goes to continue with whatever he is doing outside and I resolve to do some revision.
After about an hour of doing absolutely no revision whatsoever, Mother and Sister return, having bonded. It is obvious that they have bonded as I am aware of the ties emanating from each of them. In a sort of six-year-old-secret-club way. Being of a volatile disposition, and not wishing to have my biggest faults flung at me in argument all afternoon, I try my best to ignore and instead prepare myself beans on toast for lunch. They make fat 'jokes'. The jokes are not funny.
I read the paper and eat my lunch before coming inside to do more 'revision'. It doesn't happen again: I am just too tired. Then, we go outside to have scones and jam. I don't have any scones or any jam because I want a gingerbread man, which is very nice.
Shower next. I stay in for ages and enjoy the peace and quiet. Afterwards, I make sure I clean the shower carefully because Father is my ally today and he likes things to be in order. Then I go back into bedroom and do more 'not revision'.
We have pizza with stuffed crust and watch Harry Hill during. It is nice and Harry Hill is funny, but I feel empty. I don't know why. Sister makes me want to cry, but I don't know why that is, either.
After dinner it is back upstairs and more time by myself. I can hear Family laughing downstairs and I feel like wrinkly balloon. They come and say nice things to me, but today is just one of those days.

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