Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lunch with strangers.

I wake up at some time after 9 this morning and lie in bed for an age, willing myself to get up. I finally lever myself out of bed, shower and dress, which is quite an achievement for a Saturday morning. Sister and father have gone to DIY place for supplies, or something, so I use the chance to get in the shower without having to wait for too long first.
After shower, father arrives home with sister and I go to have breakfast. Nothing remarkable. It is one of those days, actually - nothing really actually happens.
Lunch out is next - we go to a village pub where the menu never changes and I have the same as always - fish, chips and Creme Brulee. Sister has the same. Friends who we haven't seen for years are there with their son, who is 19 and has awful table manners - he slaums on the table and eats from his knife. Parents comment after the meal in the 'never marry a boy who does that' kind of way. I don't plan to.
In the afternoon, we go to visit grandparents. We do this twice every week: Fridays and one day at the weekend, depending on where we can fit it in. Grandparents are in better mood than yesterday, although when I say this I really mean Grandfather, who is sleeping when we arrive and looks rather sweet in his sleeping state. It doesn't last long - he wakes soon after our arrival, and we hold our breath, waiting to see what mood he is in.
Today, he chooses to be happy - laughing at his story about travelling in the War and eating two slices of cake which I give him by accident. I am relieved, but cross when I hear that he has blamed the state of his health on Grandmother and looking after her when she has been ill, despite the fact that she has waited on him for the last sixty years. Boiler has also broken and Father rushes round trying to sort that.
Home next and dinner - cheese and bean toastie and icecream. Very nice it is too. I watch the last 20 minutes of Doctor Who and read the paper before retiring to write this blog entry, despite the fact that I have no readers yet (please give me a wave if you are reading quietly!).

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